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The Organic
Instant Smoothie

Crafted to keep the Botox away
and skinny jeans in play.

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Life is Busy.

And no diet, fitness or skincare regime is going to
work if you're nutrient-deprived.

That's why I created Monday Carrot — an 
organic instant smoothie that delivers
the nutrition you need to achieve glowing skin
and your best body ever!  

Featuring 15g of slimming plant protein;
6g of prebiotic fiber; and an entire day’s
worth of anti-aging antioxidants from
7 servings of fruit and vegetables. 

Just add water, shake and drink once a day to 
keep the Botox away and skinny jeans in play. 

Organic.  Non-GMO. Vegan & Gluten-Free. 


win a free month

Smoothies, Reinvented.

What makes our smoothie unlike the rest?

Local, Organic

All ethically and sustainably sourced from farms within in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.

Heat-Free Drying

Clinically proven to retain the FULL bioactivity of nutrients from farm to powder.


Just add water, shake and drink on your schedule – anytime, anywhere.

Results You Can
See + Feel

Including clearer skin, less bloat, more energy, a glowing complexion and weight loss